Bampton Classical Opera Unveils Cast for Upcoming Gluck Production

By David Salazar
(Credit: Matthew Perrin)

Bampton Classical Opera has unveiled the cast for its upcoming production of Gluck’s “Paris and Helen” this summer.

The production, which opens at The Grange Garden in Oxfordshire on July 17 and 18, will be directed by Jeremy Gray with Karin Hendrickson conducting the Orchestra of Bampton Classical Opera.

Audiences will hear Samantha Louis-Jean as Paris and Lucy Anderson as Helen. Louis-Jean is the winner of the Prix D’Europe Competition and the Lyndon-Woodside Oratorio Society of New York Competition, while Andersen is the first prizewinner of the 2019 Bampton Young Singers’ Competition.

Other cast members include Harriet Eyley as Amor, and Lisa Howarth as Pallas Athene.

In addition to the performances on July 17 and 18, Bampton Classical Opera will showcase the work at The Orangery Theatre in Gloucestershire on August 31 followed by a performance at St. John’s Smith Square in London.

The production is being mounted to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the 1770 premiere of the opera, which was written by  Ranieri de’ Calzabigi.