Atelier d’Excellence Partners With Lerin Artists

By David Salazar

Atelier d’Excellence, a career consulting organization for Opera singers, has announced that it will be partnering with Lerin Artists Management.

Lerin Artists is a leading agency in the operatic world for several decades in Spain. Lerin will support Atelier d’Excellence via consultations, lectures, masterclasses, and other education events.

“We are excited to collaborate with Lerin Artists, a renowned operatic agency with a long record of managing an impressive roster of distinguished artists on the global stage,” said Maria Zoi, mezzo-soprano, Founder and Managing Director of Atelier d’Excellence in an official press statement. “Through this collaboration, emerging artists working with AdE will acquire first-hand experience of the requirements of the job market from state-of-the-art practitioners and increase their chances of making their career breakthrough.”

Among Atelier d’Excellence’s activities are AdE Interview Series, AdE Webinars & Workshops, Masterclasses The Art of Singing, Role Prep Lab, Initial Career Consultation, Career Mentoring by AdE, Accademia d’Opera Italiana, Prix Atelier d’Excellence International Opera Competition.