ArtSmart Receives Historic Pledge from Maria Manetti Shrem

By Francisco Salazar

ArtSmart has announced that it has received its first million-dollar donation over five years.

The donation was donated by Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts Maria Manetti Shrem.

Manetti Shrem’s donation demonstrates her commitment to ArtSmart’s successful program model, sustainability, scale, and impact. The transformative and historic donation will catapult ArtSmart’s impact on a national scale.

In a statement, Executive Director and Co-Founder Michael Fabiano said, “Maria Manetti Shrem has been a benefactor of the ArtSmart organization since 2016. You can see right away that she knows without art in society, there really is no society.”

Regarding her donation Manetti Shrem said, “When you support ArtSmart, you not only support an outstanding educational platform in the music world, but you are contributing to forging better generations, building better societies, and making this world a better place.”