Arts Council Wales Rejects Mid Wales Opera’s Appeal

By Francisco Salazar

The Mid Wales Opera has announced that its funding appeal to the Arts Council Wales has been rejected.

In a statement from Gareth Williams, Chair of Mid Wales Opera regarding our funding appeal, Williams said, “Our Appeal against the Arts Council Wales’ decision to end our funding from April 2024 has been rejected, despite an admission that their appraisal seriously misrepresented the way in which we pay our artists, and copious evidence of the enormous gap which the decision leaves both for audiences and for the career development of Welsh singers and musicians.”

The statement added, “Nevertheless, we sincerely hope that we will be able to undertake a new SmallStages tour next autumn as well as a schools’ residency in the early summer. While our accumulated reserves – together with the generosity of “Beatrice and Benedict” audiences who donated more than 3000 Euros should take us most of the way towards this, additional financial support from our friends and well-wishers needed to ensure we can do so.”

The news comes after the Mid Wales Opera submitted an appeal in October.