Artist Of The Week: Felix Jarrar and Brittany Goodwin To Showcase New Jazz Opera

By Francisco Salazar

The Artist of the Week has showcased a number of artists making role debuts, house debuts and sometimes both. It’s also showcased numerous superstars and rising stars. This week, in celebration of the New York Opera Fest’s opening, we look to a dynamic duo which has made a name for itself in modern opera.

For the past few years, Felix Jarrar and Brittany Goodwin have been an award-winning dynamic duo working on numerous operas and song cycles throughout New York. Their works have been showcased at Symphony Space, BAM, and the National Opera Center among others.

This week, the duo will present the world premiere of the opera “Tabula Rasa,” which tells the story of Kiki de Montparnasse and her liberating escapades with artists throughout the 1920s in the Montparnasse quarters of Paris. The work will premiere as part of the New York Opera Fest and unlike their previous collaborations together, this will be an interactive opera with singers performing in numerous spaces while connecting with the audience. Another unique quality that audiences are sure to enjoy is the mixture of jazz and classical music.

Jarrar and Goodwin have previously worked on ” Songs of the Soul Beams: a theatrical song cycle,” and “A Christmas Carol.”


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