Ars Lyrica Houston to Present ‘Maria’s Magical Music Adventure’

By David Salazar

Ars Lyrica Houston is set to present three public performances of “Maria’s Magical Music Adventure.”

The performances are scheduled for March 3 at the Campbell Learning Center, March 23 at Heights Kids’ Day of Music, and April 6 at Rothko Chapel.

“Many young Houstonians speak Spanish as their first language and have limited access to music education at their schools,” Lauren Ross, the Marketing and Events Manager for Ars Lyrica Houston, told OperaWire. “By having a bilingual cast who act in English and Spanish, live string quartet performances of Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons,’ and interactive audience participation, the play introduces kids to fundamental classical music concepts and encourages them to find their own creative voices in an engaging, memorable way.
“Maria’s Magical Music Adventure,” is co-produced by Ars Lyrica Houston and Express Children’s Theatre and has been featured in over 30 free presentations at Houston public schools and local community venues.