Anne Sofie Von Otter Makes Statement On #MeToo Movement

By Francisco Salazar

Anne Sofie von Otter has spoken out against the #MeToo movement.

The mezzo-soprano, whose husband committed suicide after being accused of sexual misconduct noted in an interview with Die Zeit, that her husband Benny Fredriksson went into the “deepest depression” after being cast out of his job and, ultimately, drove him to take his own life.

The mezzo was critical of the movement noting that “You can break a person.” Von Otter, who read about the Harvey Weinstein case and noted it was unacceptable, said that the media was exaggerating claims to get readers and said that she hoped her husband’s case would be a rude awakening to how the subject matter is treated.

Von Otter is the latest celebrity to speak out against the movement. In January, Catherine Deneuve and 100 other French women signed an open letter denouncing the movement.

The mezzo’s husband Frederiksson was the CEO and theatre chief at Stockholm City Theatre and was charged with sexual harassment in December 2017. While no charges were found after a preliminary investigation in March, he was forced out of his job. The CEO committed suicide on  March 17, 2018 while on vacation in Australia.

The #MeToo movement has seen numerous conductors, directors and opera businessmen have been forced out of jobs after being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. So far James Levine, Charles Dutoit, Bernard Uzan, and Daniele Gatti have been forced out of jobs due to the social movement.