Anna Pirozzi & Erwin Schrott Takeover Plácido Domingo Performance In Japan

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: © rosellina garbo)

Anna Pirozzi and Erwin Schrott are set to take over the Tokyo Nippon Festival performance originally scheduled for Plácido Domingo.

The soprano and bass-baritone will collaborate with one of Japan’s most famous kabuki actors, Ichikawa Ebizo XI, for Tokyo 2020’s Nippon Festival.

The event, one of four that will form what is an official cultural program of Tokyo 2020, has the theme of “Celebrating the Start of the Games.”

The event will be entitled “Kabuki x Opera” and is due to take place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on April 18, 2020.

Tokyo 2020 said, “In addition to disseminating Japan’s proud culture both inside and outside Japan, the festival will promote the realisation of a symbiotic society, participation and exchange among diverse people, and opportunities for many people to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Games through cultural and artistic activities, thereby creating excitement in the build-up to the Games.”

The program will feature performances embodying different aspects of what the organizers call “integration and coexistence between western and eastern cultures and comparisons between the traditional and the modern.”