Anna Pirozzi Denounces Body Shaming

By Francisco Salazar

Anna Pirozzi has spoken out against Body Shaming.

In a recent interview with Corriere della Serra the Italian soprano noted that in today’s opera world body-shaming occurs especially for women and in Avant-Garde productions.

She said, “those generous forms typical of so many sopranos, from Tebaldi to Caballé, are now a taboo. Body shaming in opera has become even bigger in the industry, but only for women. You can be passed over because you do not have the physique required by certain ‘avant-garde’ productions.”

However, she added, that she has worked with the greats like Pizzi and Hana and has thankfully never been criticized for her appearance.

Pirozzi did, however, note, “During the lockdown, I lost 16 kilos, but it’s still not enough. At this point, I have decided not to suffer anymore. I am what I am, spaghetti improves my mood, and I don’t hold back.”

During the interview, Pirozzi also talked about beginning her career in her 30s and how after a certain age, women are considered too old to sing certain roles.

The soprano is currently at the Arena di Verona for productions of “Turandot” and “Nabucco.” This season she is expected to perform at the Royal Opera, Bayerische Staatsoper, Teatro San Carlo, and the Teatro Real.