Anna Netrebko’s Management Speaks Out Regarding AP Corrections on Keri-Lynn Wilson’s Teatro Colon Statements

By Francisco Salazar

Following Keri-Lynn Wilson’s statements to the associated press regarding her upcoming performances at the Teatro Colon, Anna Netrebko’s management is speaking out.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Wilson said that she had refused to perform with Netrebko because of the singer’s refusal to condemn Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine. The interview also noted that Wilson would have “all the rehearsals.”

The Associated Press recently made the changes noting that Michelangelo Mazza, who was hired by the Teatro Colon, will also have some rehearsals.

In a statement to OperaWire, Netrebko’s manager Miguel Esteban said, “I had asked the Associated Press to correct other errors. They only agreed to a very narrow correction regarding the number of rehearsals attributed to conductor Michelangelo Mazza. But there were other errors. In my role as Anna Netrebko’s general manager, I first advised the Teatro Colón on or about April 6, 2022, that, in light of the circumstances, Anna requested to perform with another conductor for her performances of ‘Tosca’ in Buenos Aires in November. Anna subsequently proposed Michelangelo Mazza as her conductor and the Teatro Colón graciously agreed.”

The Teatro Colon first announced its 2022 season on Dec. 6, 2021, with Keri-Lynn Wilson as the sole conductor of the production.

Netrebko is currently performing at the Teatro Real in a production of “Aida” while Wilson is set to conduct a concert at the Opera de Bordeaux.