American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Announce Planting Seeds Initiative

By Francisco Salazar

The American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic announced the “Planting Seeds Initiative.”

The new program will reduce the landmark orchestra’s carbon footprint and strengthen its music education programs as part of a partnership with Aspiration, a financial services company often described as the “operating system” of the good economy.

The orchestra seeks to become the first major carbon-neutral orchestra by 2022 in order to make a significant impact on fostering next-generation musical talent in Israel.

In a statement American Friends Executive Vice President and CEO Danielle Ames Spivak said, “The Israel Philharmonic was founded to save the lives of Europe’s Jewish musicians from the Holocaust. Planting seeds for the future is embedded deep in our DNA. We’re thrilled to be working with a visionary company like Aspiration to send a message that cultural institutions have an integral role in saving our planet from the effects of climate change.”