ALL Arts to Preview Paola Prestini’s ‘Sensorium’

By David Salazar

(Credit: Caroline Tompkins)

ALL ARTS’ original series “The First Twenty” is set to present a unique documentary film that explores the making of composer Paola Prestini’s “Sensorium.”

The film, which premieres on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, will be available via ALL ARTS’ official websites. The showcase features Prestini’s collaboration with poet Brenda Shaughnessy and choreographer Jerron Herman to create a multi-sensory opera that aims to explores the possibilities for human connection and artificial intelligence beyond language through non-verbal and non-typical patterns of speech and voice.

The artists collaborate with activists, scientist, and technicians from around the world and with such organizations as Enactlab in Copenhagen and New York University.

Daniel Oxenhndler directs the film.

You can check out the trailer below.