Alexa Dexa Hosts Online One-On-One Performances for Disabled Populations

By Afton Wooten

Alexa Dexa (they/them), composer, performer, and disabled activist, offers one-on-one virtual performances for the disabled community.

“Bewitch Yourself” is a tailored performance created by Dexa and the participant together. After an initial meeting, Dexa will use their vast resources and put together a unique “songspell,” – which the composer defines “as intentions holding space for dream possibilities that manifest transformation as we listen deeply to ourselves. A songspell is a seed of self-care. Its magic blooms from the truth that what we give our attention to grows.” Afterward, via Zoom, the one-on-one performance will take place.

Dexa explained in a press release that this project is “mutual support without putting ourselves or anyone else at risk [of Covid-19]. This care work honors our interdependence and the brilliance of our crip wisdom and joy. It’s equally an extension of gratitude for our Disabled kinship and potent resistance against the deeply racist, ableist, money, and death-hungry systems of power and oppression that do not care for us or keep us safe.”

Experiments in Opera supports “Bewitch Yourself “with funding from the Creatives Rebuild New York fund.