Ah Young Hong Leads Talea Ensemble’s Concert

By Francisco Salazar

The Talea Ensemble is set to present “That Other Spring – Music of Haas & Hersch” on Oct. 29, 2023.

The evening will include works by Georg Friedrich Haas and Michael Hersch and will be presented at the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew in Manhattan.

The concert will also feature soprano Ah Young Hong.

In a statement, the soprano said, “The music of Michael Hersch and Georg Friedrich Haas explores the complication and unpredictability of life, the human experience. Anonymous beneath the lemon trees responds to a world shutting down and individual confrontations with physical and psychological collapse; one step to the next, worlds ending – accepting and adjusting to brokenness when life simply will not let one proceed on one’s path; and …wie stille brannte das Licht – embracing love, both the delirious passion and the unavoidable pain that naturally accompanies such profound emotion.”

Hong has performed with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Bern, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Charleston Symphony Orchestra, and Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, among others.