ABAO Txiki to Present ‘Itsasotik’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Abao Bilbao Ópera will closes its 18th season of ABAO Txiki with the premiere of “Itsasotik,” a children’s musical-theatrical show that deals with issues related to the effects of pollution and plastics in the sea.

“Itsasotik,” which runs on May 6 and 7 of 2023. is based on the work of Roger Calmel and with texts by Marta García. It tells the story of a girl who loves the sea and is picked up by some sailors. However, in the middle of a storm, the girl falls into the water and is swallowed by a giant fish that takes her to the beach where some birds lead her to a gray and lifeless city. There she meets a boy who repairs stars and they set out to change the hearts of the city’s inhabitants.

The cast will feature such vocal soloists as Lorea López, Urko Sánchez, Xabat Caminos and Agate Pagola. The narrators will be Enara Lardizabal, Alain Sánchez and Iraide Urbistondo. They will be accompanied by pianist and musical director David de Oliveira with Mafalda Saloio directing.

The show will last 55 minutes and the work has allowed participating children to enhance creativity as a practice of social inclusion in all areas.