4 Opera Parties ‘Worth Attending’ on New Year’s Eve

By David Salazar

It’s New Years Eve! And for some opera fans, there is no better way to celebrate it than to kick back and listen to some opera.

Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend a tragedy to kick off the year, but probably some excitement and joyous partying. And we all know that opera has some of the most raucous parties imaginable. So as you count down to the New Year, sit back and either take a listen or watch some of these lavish opera parties to get you pumped for what the coming 365 days may bring.

For those keeping track, we will not include parties that end badly or include any kind of murder (that about discounts 90% of them).

La Traviata

Verdi’s middle period masterwork has two party sequences, but we won’t turn to the one in Act two, gorgeous as it might be. It ends tragically. But the one in the first scene of the work is filled with a toast to love, a duet between burgeoning lovers, and ecstatic choral passages. Those opening phrases themselves are enough to get you excited for what’s to come.


The most famous of French operas kicks off its second act with Carmen’s “Chanson Bohemienne” that is almost always staged with a festive dance at its climax. And if that isn’t enough jubilant energy, we get the Toreador’s toast, one of the most famous tunes in the opera canon.

Die Fledermaus

Strauss’ style, filled with dance numbers makes it one party after another, but the truth is that there is really only one party in this operetta. The famous second act feast is the ideal New Year’s Eve party for opera lovers because, well, it takes place on New Year’s Eve.

The Merry Widow

“Fledermaus” may take place at New Years, but Léhar’s operetta has it beat when it comes to throwing parties. The operetta itself features not one or two, but THREE parties broken up into three acts. And if that weren’t enough, the work is filled with all the kinds of naughty stuff parties are made of. And it all ends happily.



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