25 Met Opera National Council Audition Semifinalists Announced

By David Salazar

The Metropolitan Opera has announced the 25 semifinalists for the 2018 National Council Auditions.

The group is slated to perform on Sunday, April 22, with a chance to perform in the grand final on Sunday, April 29.

The group features 10 sopranos, four mezzos, one contralto, four tenors, four baritones, and two basses.

Here is a breakdown of the contestants.

Among the sopranos, Danielle Beckvermit will represent the Eastern Region, Monica Dewey will be the Gulf Coast Region’s contestant and Jessica Faselt will showcase her talents as the Upper Midwest’s performer. From the Central Region, judges will hear Joanna Latini and Madison Leonard will represent the Middle Atlantic Region. The remaining sopranos include Julia Metzler (Western Region), Emily Misch (Eastern Region), Marlen Nahhas (Midwest Region), Erica Petrocelli (New England Region), and Ariana Wehr (Gulf Coast Region).

The four mezzo semifinalists are Ashley Dixon of the Northwest Region, Megan Grey of the Upper Midwest, Gretchen Krupp of the Central Region, and Hongni Wu of the Eastern Region. The contralto contest will be Lauren Decker, who will represent the Upper Midwest Region.

The four tenors are Joshua Blue of the Middle Atlantic Region, Terrence Chin-Lou of the Central Region, Brandon Russell of the Southeast, and Carlos Santinelli of the Western Region.

Baritones include Alan Cline of the Great Lakes area, Eastern Region contestant Jacob Scharfman, Ethan Simpson of the Middle Atlantic Region, and Xiaomeng Zhang from the New England Region. Finishing things off are the two bass-baritones – Matthew Stump and Brad Walker. Stump will represent the Midwest Region while Walker will be a contestant for the Rocky Mountain Region.