2018 Spoleto Festival USA Records Second-Highest Ticket Sales in Event’s History

By David Salazar

The Spoleto Festival USA has announced that its 2018 edition was the second-highest in ticket sales in its history.

Per a press release, the ticket sales topped $3.3 million with over 65,000 ticket holders attending 158 performances and events. The Festival’s 2016 edition, its 40th in history, still ranks first in overall ticket sales.

“Often at the end of each season, members of our audience will tell me that it has been the best Festival ever,” stated Festival General Director Nigel Redden. “This year, however, I heard from even more audience members that it was indeed the best Festival.”

The festival ran between May 25 and June 10 and showcased a wide-range of works, including opera productions of “Pia de’ Tolomei” in its US premiere, starring Amanda Woodbury and Isaac Frishman, as well  as Liza Lim’s “Tree of Codes,” which OperaWire noted provided “visual dazzle.” There was also a production of “Il Matrimonio Segreto.”

The 2019 season, its 43rd, will be announced in Jan. 2019 and is slated to take place between May 24 and June 9, 2019.