Prince Igor

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Alexander Borodin’s Other Operas Besides ‘Prince Igor’
Alexander Borodin is one of the great Russian composers of the 19th century. His output is legendary, the maestro creating a number of symphonies, a famed string quartet, and the tone poem “In the Steppes of Central Asia.” He also composed a number of operas, most famously “Prince Igor,” which he never finished. Born on Nov. 12, 1833, he would pass away in 1887, leaving his great opera unfinished. Rimsky-Korsakov…
Sofia Opera Forced to Evacuate
The Sofia Opera and Ballet were evacuated on Saturday, due to a powerful smell. During the March 18 performance of Borodin's "Prince Igor," a powerful smell started to pour through the theater that was described as suffocating. A total of 650 people, including cast and audience, were ordered to leave the building and no one was injured. The Interior Ministry said that that the source of the smell was being investigated…