Plácido Domingo to Conduct Wagner Opera At Bayreuth in 2018

Plácido Domingo’s conducting ambitions are expanding next season the legendary opera star conducts a full Wagner opera for the first time in his career in the composer’s own sanctuary.

That’s right, Domingo is leading a Wagner opera in Bayreuth during the summer of 2018. The work of choice? “Die Walküre,” an opera he has performed previously in his career.

In fact, the role of Siegmund remains his most beloved Wagner interpretation, followed by his take on “Lohengrin” and “Parsifal.” Domingo has recorded other Wagner staples including“Tristan und Isolde,” “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg,” and “Tannhäuser.”

The news was reported by NY Times Classical Music Editor Zachary Woolfe, via Twitter. “The center cannot hold: Placido will conduct (3 peformances of Walkuere) at Bayreuth next year,” wrote Woolf.

Domingo, of course, has been conducting and performing extensively and his conducting debut in the second opera in Wagner’s famed Ring will come after he has sung his first-ever Miller in “Luisa Miller” at the Metropolitan Opera and conducts “Tosca” at the Royal Opera House.

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  1. Did you check the Met archive before you wrote “first-rate Luisa Miller at the Met”? He sang Rodolfo there several times in the 1970s.

  2. Lisa Hirsch, David wrote “first-ever Miller in “Luisa Miller”, not “first-ever peformance in “Luisa Miller”. May I suggest you read more carefully

    1. We made the correction to clarify.
      Thank you

      1. Thanks, Francisco!

        Fliegende, you see what happened, I presume – I noticed the original “first-ever Luisa Miller,” Francisco clarified, you saw only the clarified post. I did, indeed, read carefully, twice, before I checked the Met Archives.

  3. So, this means they are doing Die Walküre on its own in 2018, without the other Ring operas? If so, I think that would be a first for Bayreuth. Perhaps it is in concert form??

    1. This summer, they’re doing a single Die Walküre on Aug. 18th, between the 2nd and third cycles, but from what I’m reading elsewhere it’ll be the only Ring opera next year, and it will be staged, the Castrof production.

  4. For what purpose? To sell tickets? I have a dear friend who was a first violinist at the Met for over 35 years, now retired. He is a great admirer of Placido Domingo as a tenor but has told me more than once that Domingo is the most inconpetent conductor he has ever played under. When he used to conduct them, they played around him and inspite of him. He is a great singer, no one can take that away from him but to use him as a conductor is only an exercise in using his name to sell tickets.

  5. I would like to see the great Plácido Domingo to conduct Wagner in Bayreuth in 2018. What can I do? Please send me information. I am a great admirer of him.

      1. Thank you Lisa to helping me about this information very useful. I hope one day of my life to assist to the festival Bayreuth.

  6. This is a travesty – Domingo, a barely adequate conductor, conducting in a venue which has been graced by Karajan, Thielemann, Solti, Boulez etc etc

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