Christine Rice Cancels Performance Of ‘The Return Of Ulysses’ At ROH

Christine Rice has canceled her upcoming performances in “The Return of Ulysses.”

The Royal Opera House announced that due to vocal indisposition, Christine Rice had to withdraw from singing the role of Penelope in “The Return of Ulysses” on Jan. 12. The role will be sung from the orchestra pit by Australian mezzo-soprano Caitlin Hulcup once again. Christine Rice will walk the role on stage.

This is the second performance that Rice cancels. She was originally scheduled for the Jan. 10 but Hulcup had to fill in vocally.

Hulcup made her Royal Opera debut in 2009 as Arbaces in “Artaxerxes” and has since sung Aristeus in Rossi’s Orpheus at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare’s Globe for the Company.

Christian Curnyn conducts a cast that includes Roderick Williams, Samuel Boden and Catherine Carby with Early Opera Company.

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