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Metropolitan Opera 2017-18 Review – Norma: Opening Night is a Triumph for Sondra Radvanovsky
The Metropolitan Opera launched its 2017-18 season with its usual flash and sparkle, ushering celebrities onto the red carpet for their turn at the step and repeat as droves of opera fans in their black tie best bustled under the crystal chandeliers. The house was abuzz from the very start: patrons chattering in excitement even after the lights went down. Major Anticipation Cancellations have been a theme of the summer…
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Editorial: Enough with the Dead White Men in New Opera
Opera Philadelphia's new commission based on Peter Ackroyd’s "The Trial of Elizabeth Cree" came as a breath of fresh air; when I heard the announcement of its coming, I jumped in excitement at the opportunity for a female title character in a new opera. While the traditional canon of opera has plenty of operas named after their lead female characters, the contemporary repertoire severely lacks female representation. After the premiere of Mason Bates'…
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Creating a Murderer – Mezzo Daniela Mack on Premiering Opera Philadelphia’s “Elizabeth Cree”
In a contemporary landscape overrun with new operas featuring white, cisgendered men in the title roles, it’s refreshing to consider Opera Philadelphia’s newest commission, "Elizabeth Cree." This chamber opera, composed by Kevin Puts with a libretto by Mark Campbell, adapts Peter Ackroyd’s macabre murder mystery, "The Trial of Elizabeth Cree." The story, set in late 19th century London, follows Elizabeth Cree, an actress accused of poisoning her husband. Mezzo Daniela Mack…
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Opera Breve 2017 Review – Carmen: The Criminal Minds of Carmen
On August 2nd, Opera Breve brought a fascinating concept to life with their new production of Bizet’s "Carmen." Stripped of its spoken dialogue and most of its music, this shortened version of the opera found most of its substance through the narration of a fictional psychoanalyst, Dr. Eva Stone. The details presented in the narration helped create an atmosphere in the absence of a set and illuminated the slow degradation…