Ainhoa Arteta Leads Spanish Christmas Tour

Ainhoa Arteta and Estrella Morente are launching a Christmas tour throughout Spain.

The two singers begin the tour entitled “¡Que suenen con alegría!” on Dec. 20, 2017 until the 29 and will tour all of Spain stopping in Jerez, Seville, Murcia, Santiago de Compostela, Granada, Barcelona, and Málaga.

The tour will include some of the most beloved Christmas tunes in the repertoire with some bel canto and flamenco. The program is set to last one and half hours and will include pianist Lucía Moreno, guitarist Santiago Lara, the woodwinds of Diego Villegas, bassist Antonio Corrales, and percussions by Eduardo Aguirre de Cárcer.

Estrella Morente will also be joined by Flamenco guitarist and percussion and Antonio Carbonell, and Pedro Gabarre’s chorus.

Arteta recently finished a run of “Andrea Chénier” in Oviedo and next goes to La Monnaie for “Pagliacci” and Seville for “Adriana Lecouvreur.” She sings Floria Tosca in the soprano at the San Carlo Festival.



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