Women Conductors To Take Center Stage At Dallas Opera This November

By David Salazar

The Linda and Mitch Hart Institute for Women Conductors will be featured for one night at The Dallas Opera.

On Sunday, Nov. 10, 2018, The Dallas Opera will present its orchestra as led by the six women currently participating in the fourth annual residency of the Hart Institute.

The women in residency are Sonia Ben-Santamaria (UK/France), Priscila Bomfim (Brazil), Sarah Penicka-Smith (Australia), Audrey Saint-Gil (France/USA), Maria Sensi Sellner (USA), Emily Senturia (USA).

The Hart Institute is but one of three such organizations in the world that puts an emphasis on supporting the career of women conductors.

“For me, the Hart Institute embodies the American Dream,” wrote Saint-Gil in a press release. “Work hard, dream big, and grab your opportunity tight with both hands when it comes.”

“Although still in the early stages,” added Dallas Opera Director of Artistic Administration David Lomeli, “The Institute appears to be having a pronounced positive impact on the field, with Hart Institute alumnae being singled out for important appointments, projects, and commissions in both the opera and symphonic world.  This concert is the public’s opportunity to show enthusiastic support for women in positions of leadership.”

The concert will also feature such young artists as countertenor Ryan Belongie, baritone Jeff Byrnes, mezzo-soprano Daryl Freedman, bass William Meinert, soprano Toni Marie Palmertree, mezzo-soprano Gina Perregrino, soprano Haley Sicking, and tenor Angel Vargas.