Wiener Staatsoper & Osterfestspiele Salzburg Announce Co-Production of ‘Lohengrin’

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credits: ORF / Lalo Jodlbauer)

The Wiener Staatsoper and Osterfestspiele Salzburg have announced that they will cooperate on a new production of Wagner’s “Lohengrin.”

In a joint press statement, the two companies noted that a new production of Wagner’s romantic opera would be performed at the Wiener Staatsoper in the 2023-24 season, after the premiere at the Osterfestspiele Salzburg in April 2022.

“It was important to me to plan my first Salzburg opera premiere with a strong partner whom we found at the Wiener Staatsoper and director Bogdan Roščić,” said Osterfestspiele Salzburg’s Managing Director and Intendant Nikolaus Bachler in an official statement. “I am delighted that this extraordinary production will be seen in both Salzburg and Vienna.”

“It was a pleasure to develop this production together with Christian Thielemann, who will also conduct it in Vienna, and Nikolaus Bachler. A major focus of the State Opera is to bring out new productions of the central Wagner works year after year, and this project is an important contribution to that goal,” added Bogdan Roščić, Director of the Wiener Staatsoper.

Christian Thielemann will conduct a production by Jossi Wieler and Sergio Morabito. Anna Viebrock will be responsible for the stage and costumes.

“Lohengrin” at the Osterfestspiele Salzburg will be performed on April 9 & 18, 2022, and will star Hans-Peter König, Jacquelyn Wagner, Martin Gantner, Elena Pankratova, Markus Brück, and Eric Cutler in the title role.