Wiener Staatsoper Opens General Dress Rehearsals for Young Audiences

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(© Regina Aigner/BKA)

The Wiener Staatsoper has announced that it will open general dress rehearsals to young audiences aged up to 27.

The intention is for younger audience members to get the opportunity to experience all the new opera and ballet productions at the house even before the official premiere date.

Starting with the first production of the new season, Puccini’s “Madama Butterfly,” a contingent of up to 700 tickets will be made available per date. The dress rehearsals at the Wiener Staatsoper have been traditionally reserved for the opera house’s staff.

“The General Dress rehearsals are always the special milestones for a theater and have a very special atmosphere. This is an ideal opportunity to bring the Staatsoper into a more intensive dialogue with a new, young audience,” said the Wiener Staatsoper New General Manager Bogdan Roščić in an official statement.

Strict COVID-19 safety rules will be deployed.

Tickets will cost 10 euros and will be available for online purchases on the Wiener Staatsoper’s website.