WholeTone Opera’s Presents LGBTQIA Opera for Halloween

By David Salazar

WholeTone Opera will present “The Werewolf,” a “fiercely queer opera” later this month.

Per a press release, the plot of the opera centers on “a cursed loup-garou terrorizing a quiet village full of secrets while seducing young brides.”

The opera is an adaptation of Louise Bertin’s melodrama “Le Loup-garou” with an emphasis on representing the LGBTQIA community.

“Lycanthropy is such a great metaphor for sexual fluidity. Our werewolf is not human when in human form, nor is he a wolf when he is in wolf form. He is always a werewolf, no matter how he appears at a specific time,” said Co-Librettist Teri Kowiak.

“When we originally decided to revive Louise Bertin’s 1827 opera, we had absolutely no idea how thoroughly transformative the journey would be. The theme of transformation has infused the entire opera and most of its characters with progressive elements. In today’s opera scene, it is already a progressive act just to unearth works by previously ignored female composers such as Bertin. However, we at WTO feel called to make sure that at every level, our company is working to empower women and people of diverse identities.” added Artistic Director Nora Maynard.

Performances will take place between Oct. 20 and 31 for a total of seven performances. All performances will take place at The Rockwell in Davis Square.