White Snakes Projects Announces ‘SING OUT STRONG’ & ‘I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams’

By David Salazar

The White Snakes Projects has announced that it will launch the “SING OUT STRONG” initiative with the intent of cultivating new songs that will serve as complements to the company’s operas. It’s first edition will culminate in the world premiere of “I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams” in late September 2019.

This first edition, entitled, “Immigrant Voices,” will provide a thematic complement to Cerise Jacobs and Jorge Sosa’s “I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams.” There will be several concerts featuring this new initiative, with dates set for August 2, 9, and 24. Then on Sept. 20-22, there will be a series of “SING OUT STRONG: Immigrant Voices” pieces presented alongside “I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams.”

The opera will feature Carla López-Speziale, Helen Zhibing Huang, Kirsten Chambers, Isis Contreras Perez, and Amy Li. It will be directed by Elena Araoz and conducted by Maria Sensi Sellner.

“We are not naïve enough to think that an opera will somehow solve the world’s immigration problem, but what we can do is create a dialogue in our community. Art can change communities, so it’s about that, it’s about connecting with more people and creating a positive loop of empathy and dialogue. That’s when we can begin to possibly see a change,” said Sosa, the opera’s composer, in a press release.

Check out a passage from Jacobs and Sosa’s opera, “I Am A Dreamer Who No Longer Dreams.”