White Snake Projects to Present ‘Alice in the Pandemic’

By Logan Martell

With the coronavirus forcing companies worldwide to revise their fall programming, creator and librettist Cerise Jacobs of the White Snake Projects opera company will be presenting a new online opera, titled “Alice in the Pandemic.”

The upcoming work follows a young nurse as tries to find her sick mother in a world that has changed drastically.

For this work, Jacobs has teamed up with composer Jorge Sosa and director Elena Araoz. Music director Tian Hui Ng will lead a cast of three singers and a chamber ensemble featuring strings and electronic instruments. Joining them will also be the VOICES Boston children’s chorus, led by their artistic director Daniel P. Ryan.

Given the success of White Snake Projects’ recent, online performance of “Sing Out Strong: DeColonized Voices,” Jacobs has been exploring virtual performances as a viable way to bring the arts to the people.

“There’s definitely a synergy between ‘Sing Out Strong’ and ‘Alice in the Pandemic.’ ‘Sing Out Strong’ was a tiny production, but had huge implications for White Snake Projects as a production company,” Jacobs noted ina. press release. “We pulled it off within two or three weeks, taking brand new work and mounting it remotely on a digital platform. That gave us the courage to say, now that we have a better understanding of the medium, we think we can do better.

“As a small company, we don’t have the resources to move productions outside, for example. On the other hand, we’ve been able to invest heavily in technology with our partners and to experiment with it in a way that bigger companies generally won’t risk doing, so we decided our task now was to double down on that and create a show that is the culmination of our history of looking at tech in a different way.”

“Alice in the Pandemic” will premiere on October 22, 2020.