West Edge Opera Announces SNAPSHOT 2024 Slate

By David Salazar

California’s West Edge Opera and Earplay Chamber Ensemble have announced the lineup for the SNAPSHOT 2024.

First up is an excerpt from “Madame Thermin,” an opera by Kennedy Verrett and George Kopp based on the true story of a Black ballet dancer Lavinia Williams and her relationship with electronic music pioneer Leon Theremin.

Also on the slate is Tony Asaro and Matthew Boehler’s “The Road to Wellville.” The chamber opera explores the lives of a number of characters searching for the magic pill of longevity.

There will also be an excerpt from Hovia Edwards and Justin Rall’s “Nu Nah-Hup: Sacajawea’s Story.” The work explores the story of the Agai-Dika/Lemhi-Shoshone who was essential to the 1804-06 Lewis and Clark Expedition. The opera features a libretto by Sacajawea’s great-great-grand-niece Rose Anne Abrahamson.

Audiences will also get a look at Loren Linnard and Donald Brigg’s “The Least of My Children,” which explores the AIDS crisis. The opera was first written in 1987 and workshopped in 1989 but never received a premiere.