Voices of Silicon Valley to Release ‘Stimmung’

By David Salazar

Voices of Silicon Valley is holding a virtual gala event to celebrate the release of “Stimmung,” a new video production, on the Orpheus Classical label.

“Searching for Perfect Harmony” will take place on Nov. 15, 2020, at 5 p.m. PST and will feature interviews with singers from the production as well as Artistic Director Cyril Deaconoff. The organization will also highlight several of its recent projects.

Among the special guests at the event are mezzo-soprano Leandra Ramm and Edwin and Diane Bernbaum from Vital Arts Foundation.

“Prior to our performance in 2017, ‘Stimmung’ wasn’t performed in San Francisco Bay area, probably entire US West Coast for 30 years. We felt that this well known, important work needs to be brought to our audiences,” the Voices of Silicon Valley team told OperaWire in a statement regarding the inspiration for presenting “Stimmung.” “The second reason for presenting it is the influence Stimmung had on the composers of the French spectral school – Grisey, Murail and others. They were greatly inspired by this work. Finally, [the] multi-cultural aspect of ‘Stimmung’ – Stockhausen brings together so many religious traditions from around the world. We felt it is very important for us at this time, for our audiences and now worldwide audience through the release on Orpheus Classical label.”

Watch it here.