VOCES8 Foundation to Present ‘Live From London’ Online Festival

By David Salazar

The VOCES8 Foundation will present “Live from London” starting on August 1, 2020.

The online festival will feature concert performances every Saturday for 10 weeks with some of the greatest vocal ensembles in the world. The performances will be broadcast on the VOCES8 Foundation’s official website.

VOCES8 will kick it all off on August 1, 2020 followed by a concert by I Fagiolini on August 8, 2020. AAM will perform the following week with The Swingles taking over on August 22. Gesualdo Six will perform on August 29 with VOCES8 returning on Sept. 5. Apollo5 will be up next with a performance on Sept. 12 with The Sixteen showcasing their talents on Sept. 20. Stile Antico will headline the performance on Sept. 26 while Chanticleer will bring the festival to a close with a showcase on Oct. 3, 2020.

Audiences will be required to pay for tickets and access to the events with artists sharing incoming from ticket sales. Performances will be broadcast from a closed venue.