Virtually Opera to Showcase Audience-Driven ‘Come Bargain With Uncanny Things’

By David Salazar

Virtually Opera will present “Come Bargain With Uncanny Things” this November.

The work aims to allow audience members to take charge of the proceedings, providing them with an open-ended “adaptive narrative” that hinges on choices that operagoers collectively make. As such, each performance aims to be completely different.

“We wanted to make an opera that’s not just beautiful, but also fun. For all that it’s about our relationships and tender music, it’s also a place to enter a Gaiman and Le Guin-ish world of strange shadows and bargains, where it really feels like you’re doing magic,” Creator Leo Doulton said in an official press statement.

Preview performances will take place on Nov. 15 and 16 with subsequent shows set for Nov. 18-27, 2022 at COLAB Tavern in London.

Virtually Opera is a fusion opera company that aims to showcase unique aspects of opera that shift away from more traditional approaches. The company has performed such works as the sketch comedy opera “The Perfect Opera.”