Vienna Philharmonic Releases Statement Regarding Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

By Francisco Salazar

The Vienna Philharmonic has released a statement regarding the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra’s current situation.

In an open letter Daniel Froschauer, head of the Philhamonic said, “The world is watching. 30 percent of the members of the MET Orchestra can no longer sustain a living in New York City due to being faced with no salary from the Metropolitan Opera since April 1, 2020. This number will likely climb higher as the crisis continues. The Met’s global reputation and the cultural landscape of New York City would be devastated by the loss of artists of this calibre – this orchestra hosts some of the best players in the world. These musicians have a cultural and economic impact beyond that of bringing great opera to the world; they are teachers and mentors too. They contribute to the communities they live in by inspiring people in all areas and stages of life.”

He added that the orchestra should be supported by the Met’s management and by the Government. He also noted that there should be more attention to the cultural devastation before it is too late.

The letter comes after such leaders as Riccardo Muti, have spoken up about the Met orchestra members being unemployed and receiving no benefits from the company since March 12, 2020.