Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! Presents ‘Babes in Toyland’

By David Salazar

The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! is presenting “Toyland Beckons” at Theatre at St. Jeans in New York City.

The production, which opened on Feb. 20 and runs through the 22, explores the villainous plot against innocent lovers Bo Pee and Tom Tom.

The work stars Alexa Devlin as Mother Goose, Matthew Wages as Silas Barnaby, Ryan Allais as Tom Tom, Joanie Brittingham as Bo Pee, Chaz Peacock as Roderigo, and Andrew Buck as Gonzorgo. Other cast members include Kathleen Raab, Gabriella Giangreco, Maggie Langhorne, Sarah Bleasdale, Mariah Muehler, Joe Marx, Matthew Youngblood, David Seatter, Zach Wobensmith, and Keith Broughton.

“It’s a short evening aimed at introducing families to the wonderful world of Victor Herbert, yet you’ll find it packed with amazingly joyful melodies. It is also the gentlest “Babes In Toyland (1903 extravaganza) you will ever encounter,” Alyce Mott, Artistic Director of the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!, told OperaWire.