Valhalla Media Announces Launch of New Livestream and On-Demand Platform AÏRIS

By Chris Ruel

Valhalla Media has announced the planned early December launch of its new livestream and video-on-demand platform, AÏRIS, which was designed for performing arts organizations, educational institutions, and independent artists.

AÏRIS is a refreshed conception of Valhalla’s previous platform, Valhalla Media Live. The new platform features an elegant front-end user experience, a best-in-class audio visual experience, and a customer management dashboard with real-time audience reports, and the ability to manage patron transactions and customer experience easily.

Valhalla states in its press release that the platform development roadmap includes embeddable paywall widgets, a pay-what-you-can / donation-based ticket pricing option, CRM and patron management systems integration, and stand-alone turnkey sub-domain solutions.

The AÏRIS team will be hosting sneak-peek webinars on Nov. 30, Dec. 2, and Dec. 3, 2021.