University of Michigan & Kaufman Center to Present ‘Voter’s Broadcast’

By Logan Martell

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the Kaufman Music Center in New York have partnered up to commission and present a new work from award-winning composer Lisa Bielawa, titled “Voter’s Broadcast.”

The work draws its text from Sheryl Oring’s “I Wish to Say,” and will be broadcast over three virtual events on September 30, October 14, and October 28. On October 24, there will be a live, socially-distance performance held at the Brooklyn Library by the artists from Kaufman Music Center’s Special Music High School.

“Voter’s Broadcast” hopes to kindle a sense of civic engagement, and comes as part of the university’s “Democracy & Debate” themed semester.

“The project is poised to energize and inspire people in a unique way, inciting them to think, to vote, to consider their relationships to their political leaders and to each other,” writes Bielawa, “It is designed to deliver equal parts beauty and mobilization. In German when one votes, one ‘gives one’s voice’ (‘I voted’ = ‘Ich habe gestimmt’ [I gave my voice]). Voters’ Broadcast is dedicated to all of those who give their voices, through singing and by voting.”