Uncovered Opera to Present Valeria Perboni’s Witch-filled ‘Macbeth’

By David Salazar

Uncovered Opera is set to showcase a unique production of Verdi’s “Macbeth” starting on Feb. 25, 2023.

Taking on the title role will be Emil Vincenzi and Robert Byford with Marianne Town Smith and Anna Loveday rotating as Lady Macbeth. André Andrade stars as Banco while Davide Basso and Ernesto Vacarezza will share the role of Macduff. Melvin Claridge will be Malcolm and Adam Brown will be the Medico. Finally. Alice Usher and Alicia Mallace-Goulbourne will take turns as the Dama.

The opera will be directed by Valeria Perboni who told OperaWire that she jumped at the opportunity when called by Town Smith, the producer and Founder of Uncovered Opera. Perboni added that every character in the opera will be in the same costume as a witch or spirit.

“From the get-go we were sure that movement had to be an important component of this production, with bodies being at the centre of the action as the operating hands of evil. We decided that everyone had to look the same, as everyone in the opera (Macbeth and his lady included) is born from the same cauldron, the same fire that brings life and death into the bodies. We quickly then landed onto the central ideas of “anonymity” and “labour” of evil – everyone is working towards evil, anonymously, until someone takes on a role, and then greed, ambition and manipulation push them over the edge, making them do the deed, actively operate evil,” she told OperaWire.

“What Verdi gives us in the score of this theatrical and musical masterpiece is great gestures of deep, dark and dirty colours and heavy, rough, sometimes even wet textures, all coming from a few key musical cells. The staging reflects this architectural idea by using a few key elements as leitmotiv for the obsessive repetition of evil, which translate into an ever-relevant, universal statement of the possibility and capability of evil being different to its action – the anonymous labour of evil is within everyone, what pushes some to act upon it?” she added.

There will be additional performances on Feb. 26 and March 4 and 5, 2023.