Turner-Fischer Center for Opera to Present ‘Scalia/Ginsburg’

By Logan Martell

On April 21, 2023, Louisiana State University’s Turner-Fischer Center for Opera will present Derrick Wang’s “Scalia/Ginsburg.”

The work is inspired by the late justice’s words, and centers on the friendship between Ginsburg and Scalia, as well as a pivotal moment within the Supreme Court. The cast will see Orlando Montalvo as Antonin Scalia, Karli Forte as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Johnnie Bankens as The Commentator.

The work will be presented as part of a double bill, alongside Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Trial By Jury.” The cast for this work includes Scott Purcell, Smarlensly Altenor, Sean Whitson, Jesse Kneisler, Shengjie Cheng, and David R. Baker II. Both works are conducted by Michael Borowitz, with stage direction by Dugg McDonough and Dennis Jesse.

The double bill will run for a second performance on April 23.