Toronto Consort To Present Schütz’s Iconic ‘Christmas Story’

By Francisco Salazar

The Toronto Consort is set to celebrate the holiday season with a performance of Schütz’s “Christmas Story” on Dec. 13-15, 2019 at Trinity-St. Paul Centre.

The concert will feature music by Schütz, Schein, Scheidt, and Hassler with English tenor and baroque specialist Charles Daniels as featured sololist. The Consort will be conducted by David Fallist.

“Christmas Story” was first presented in Dresden in 1660 when the composer was 75-years-old.

“Regarded as the most important German composer before Bach, Schütz is credited with bringing the Italian style to Germany and continuing its evolution from the Renaissance into the Early Baroque. To this day, Schütz’s ‘Christmas Story’ stands as one of the shining examples of the tremendous work emerging from this period,” David Fallis, Artistic Director of the production, stated in a press release. “Schütz’s tutelage under Italian masters, such as Monteverdi and Gabrieli, translated to more dramatic musical expression, coupled with the association of characters with particular instruments, and subtler relationships between text and music. All of these innovations melded into a joyous celebration of hope and peace, capturing the true spirit of the holiday season.”