The Royal Swedish Opera To World Premiere ‘Tristessa’

By Francisco Salazar

On Oct. 6, 2018, the Royal Swedish Opera is set to world premiere the new opera “Tristessa.”

The new work visualized by Ann-Sofi Sidén’s films and projections was written by composer Jonas S. Bohlin, who has also written the libretto together with author Torbjörn Elensky. The visual design by Sidén will showcase an absurd, outrageous world dominated by projections and digital scenography.

In a press release Sidén noted, “Opera is the mother of the performing arts and the opportunity is rare to work on the adaptation of such a special novel, from libretto all the way to the final staged production. It’s been incredibly exciting to combine moving images with classic scenographic elements on the opera stage and with all of the resources at the Opera.”

The work was inspired Angela Carter’s “The Passion of New Eve” and in light of the premiere at the Royal Swedish Opera, a new Swedish translation of the book will be released by Modernista Publishing House.

“Tristessa” will be staged by the German director Katharina Thoma and is set to star mezzo-soprano Johanna Rudström, tenor Joel Annmo, bass John Erik Eleby, soprano Kerstin Avemo, and mezzo-soprano Susann Végh. Members of the choir perform Zero’s seven women, named after the seven days of the week, and the entire Royal Swedish Choir participates as well. The performance is led by conductor Fredrik Burstedt.