‘The Perfect Opera’ To Launch At Tête À Tête: The Opera Festival

By David Salazar

Virtually Opera is set to present “The Perfect Opera” at the 2019 upcoming Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival. The work is written by Peter Davis and Leo Doulton and will be presented on August 3 and 10 at the Edinburgh Fringe at Paradise in the Vaults.

The work will be a sketch comedy opera featuring Macbeth and a pantomime camel that he is deeply in love with. When Lady Macbeth finds out about the forbidden love affair, drama ensues.

“Doulton and Davis were bored of new comic operas that were ‘funny – for opera’, Most draw on opera’s isolated comic tradition, based on outdated medieval commedia dell’arte and buffa. They wanted to create a sketch comedy show, taking the best of modern comedy and opera to make a laugh-a-minute opera for Fringe audiences today,” stated the press release.

The opera will star Erika Gundsen, Rosalie Warner, and James Dewese.