The King’s Singers’ Florida Concert Canceled due to Homophobia

By Francisco Salazar

The King’s Singers have revealed that their Feb. 11, 2023 concert was canceled due to homophobia.

The ensemble took to social media posting, “we are deeply saddened that our concert at Pensacola Christian College was canceled at two hours’ notice on Saturday, February 11th. The school gave its reasons for cancellation as “Concerns” expressed about the ‘lifestyle’ of members of our group.”

The ensemble added, “it has become clear to us, from a flood of correspondence from students and members of the public, that these concerns related to the sexuality of members of our group.”

The ensemble went on to state that they had performed at the University before and said that it entered the contract knowing that it was a Christian institution. They also added that it was the first time that the ensemble was canceled for this reason.

They concluded, “We look forward to seeing our friends in Northern Florida again soon, in a context where we’re celebrated for who we are as well for the music we make.”

This is the latest incident in Florida that showcases the rise of LGBTQ+ discrimination. Back in March of 2022, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill in which “public school teachers in Florida are banned from holding classroom instruction about sexual orientation or gender identity.” The anti-LGBT governor also ordered Florida Universities to Submit Data on Trans People and “recently moved to strip an Orlando performing arts center of its liquor license in retaliation for hosting a holiday-themed drag show in December.”