The José Carreras International Foundation Receives Major Award From Germany

By David Salazar

Tenor José Carreras and the José Carrerras International Foundation against Leukemia has been award Germany’s Award for Scientific Foundation of the Year.

Per La Vangardia, the famed tenor’s foundation has contributed over 220 million euros in the battle against leukemia and has financed over 1,200 projects dedicated to research and treatment.

The award comes with 10,000 euros and will be given to Carreras in Berlin on April 8, 2019.

The most recent José Carreras charity gala, organized by the José Carreras Foundation in Germany, raised over 6.4. million euros. Per the official website, all the annual galas combined have raised a total of 95.4 million euros to help combat leukemia.

Carreras famously won his battle with the disease after being diagnosed in 1987. Back then, he was given little chance to survive. He established the foundation in 1995.