The Crossing Releases ‘Obligations’ Film

By David Salazar

The Crossing has released a new film “Obligations.”

The work, created by Brett Snodgrass and featuring music by Paul Fowler and text by Layli Long Soldier, was recorded at home by artists in isolation. This is the company’s third collaboration with Snodgrass and the four work that Fowler has composed for the ensemble.

“[“Obligations” is] about healing. The primary metaphor is above and below, heaven and earth, struggle and transcendence, shown in the black horizon, the X shape or mirrored triangles (symbols for earth/heaven and domicile) and the unfurling braided hair, which spreads to the other suffering forms,” Snodgrass said in a press release. “The entire piece is inhabited by the gold color of morning: new start, new day. It begins with a reference to a creation story and ends in a blooming prairie pasque flower, the first flower of spring. At its start and close is an elemental figure whose story is yet to be told.”

The work is dedicated to Snodgrass’ father as well as sound designer Paul Vasquez’s mother, both who passed away during the making of the film.

“Obligations” is the tenth and final film of The Crossing’s 2020-21 season.