The Crossing Releases Film of David Lang’s ‘protect yourself from infection’

By David Salazar

The Crossing has released a new film that highlights David Lang’s “protect yourself from infection.”

The work was commissioned by the Mütter Museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia for the September 2019 parade and he “Spit Spreads Death” exhibition that commemorates the 1918-19 Flu Pandemic.

The film was conceived by conducted Donald Nally and created by Brett Snodgrass with audio compiled and produced by Paul Vazquez, The Crossings’ own sound designer.

When we recorded the raw materials of protect yourself from infection last summer, we could not have imagined these words would resonate in our lives; in fact, the words seemed somewhat innocent and naive. Now, they are our words, our lives; and we live, as our ancestors in Philadelphia of a century ago, at the hands of an irresponsible government – now on a national level,” Nally stated. “For us, this brings new weight to David’s composition and inspired us to create a kind of reincarnation of ‘protect yourself from infection’ from those raw materials – a marriage of sound and sight that we hope reaches the viewer with the same care with which it was recorded and created, having health care workers in our minds, friends and family in our hearts, and millions of neighbors we don’t know in our thoughts.”

“Protect yourself from infection” will be broadcast to over 280 public radio stations nationwide via Performance Today throughout this week.

Check out the film below.