The Constantinople Ensemble to Join A Filetta’s Polyphonic Choir Onstage

By Francisco Salazar

The Constantinople Ensemble is set to present a concert “Clair-obscur” on Dec. 11 together with the singers of A Filetta’s polyphonic ensemble.

The concert is part of a series that will be showcased alongside A Filetta Polyphonic Ensemble with new collaborators and long-time friends.

The third show of this six-part series will be presented in partnership with the Corsican choir A Filetta.

“Clair-obscur” is one of the Constantinople’s latest creations and was born out of two pre-pandemic residencies in Corsica. Between the sea and the mountains, between modality and polyphony, “Clair-obscur” is the result of a desire for an intimate exchange between Constantinople’s musicians and A Filetta’s renowned singers.

The show will also be touring across Canada, with performances in Vancouver on Dec. 3, Maple Ridge on Dec. 4, Victoria on Dec. 5, Toronto on Dec. 10, and Quebec City on Dec. 13.