The Cantanti Project Revives Oldest Existing Opera Score

By David Salazar

Throughout the weekend of Feb. 23-25, the Cantanti Project will showcase a revival of the rare opera “Euridice” by Caccini.

The performance will showcase such singers as Michael Celentano, Tom Corbeil, Lydia Dahling, Brittany Fowler, Fiona Gillespie, Marques Hollie, Aumna Iqbal, Elyse Kakacek, Laura Mitchell, Joyce Yin, Sara Lin Yoder, all under the direction of Brittany Goodwin. The Cantanti Project will be performing the work alongside Dorian Baroque.

The opera is known as the oldest surviving opera score, yet it doesn’t often get all that many performances in the modern day.

“Caccini’s ‘Euridice’ has its roots in the distant past with the story of Orpheus and his journey to the Underworld taken from Greek mythology, but the heart of the myth is one that is instantly relatable for a modern audience: joy, love, grief, and the willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to reclaim what you’ve lost,” Cantanti project Artistic Director Joyce Yin told OperaWire. “It’s beautiful that a timeless story is built around the power of music, because we’ve all experienced the jolt of emotion triggered by a song that holds a special place in our memory. Through music we can be transported to a different time and a different place, which is exactly what Orpheus seeks to do after his Eurydice dies: he wants life to go back to the way it was before. And how does he accomplish this? Through the power of music.”

The Cantanti Project is “an organization committed to supporting emerging artists in their development, our goal is to empower artists to be creators, innovators, and educators who are actively shaping the landscape of classical music. As a result, an important theme that has emerged for us is the idea of honoring traditions even as we reinterpret them, and I think our production of ‘Euridice’ embodies these two seemingly opposite outlooks.”

All performances take place at The Alchemical Studios in New York City with tickets starting at $45 at the door or $40 for those who purchase them online. Those interested in attending the event can get a $5 discount using the code: OPERAWIRE5OFF.