TENET Vocal Arts to Stream ‘Songs of the Trouvères’

By David Salazar

TENET Vocal Artists is set to present a unique final concert for its 2021-22 season.

The showcase, entitled “Songs of the Trouvères,” will feature Jolle Greenleaf, Virginia Warnken Kelsey, and Jason McStoots along with instrumentalists Grant Herreid, Priscilla Herreid, Robert Mealy, and Charles Weaver.

“Like every other performing ensemble in this most extraordinary and difficult of all years, we initially despaired of being able to keep TENET going in the midst of a pandemic. But we found the path to streaming videos and so we have put together some extraordinary concerts for our audience and patrons, who of course were happy to enjoy us from the comfort and safety of their homes,” said Jolle Greenleaf, who is the company’s co-founder and artistic director.

The performance will be available to stream starting on June 3; audiences can check it out until June 30, 2021.