Teatro San Carlo di Napoli Postpones ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ Opening Due to COVID-19

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro San Carlo di Napoli has postponed the premiere of “Lucia di Lammermoor.”

The company announced that the latest developments with the pandemic have forced the company to postpone the first presentation from Jan. 15 to Jan. 18.

As a result, ticket holders for Jan. 15 will be transferred to Jan. 18 while ticket holders for Jan. 18 will either be able to keep their original date or change tickets for Jan. 21.

The company will mail ticket holders and will also make the changes possible in the coming days.

“Lucia di Lammermoor” is set to be conducted by Carlo Montanaro and directed by Michele Sorrentino Mangini. The production is set to star Gabriele Viviani, Nadine Sierra, Pene Pati, and Dario Russo. The opera will run through Jan. 29, 2022.